Training to Help You Cut Open DSP Shifts At Least in Half within 12 Months

The DSP Magnet® Academy helps providers of all sizes end the cascading financial and emotional costs of open shifts.

Recruiting & Anti-Ghosting Workshops

Get real work done during live, interactive training that will get quick results when it comes to getting better candidates who show up. Topics include:

  • How to write job posts people want to apply for
  • Applications that don’t drive applicants away
  • Reducing your recruiting spending while getting more applicants
  • Jump start your referrals
  • Install your own Anti-Ghosting System
  • Get additional help during extra live help sessions each month

Retention & Culture Workshops

Live, interactive training to get executives and supervisors working together to keep staff and reduce staff turnover’s financial and emotional impact. These are not webinars—the training provides proven systems and tools to:

  • Improve onboarding
  • Nurture culture when you don’t have the time
  • Keep staff long-term when you can’t raise pay
  • Create a contribution culture
  • Get additional help during extra live help sessions each month

DSP Magnet Supervisor Training

Learn the proven strategies that textbooks don’t teach to save time and strengthen your team with less chaos and uncertainty.

Many frontline supervisors have told us, “We get textbook training but not the hands-on training for situations with staff.” You’ll get:

  • Hands-on workshops with practical exercises that you can use immediately
  • Live interactions with your peers from other providers
  • Add or enhance leadership skills to make your life easier and save time

DIY Option: DSP Magnet Recruiting & Anti-Ghosting On-Demand Video Course + Help

Use our proven video training to fill your open DSP positions.

Escape feeling like you must “hire anyone with a pulse who can pass the background check.”

  • Ideal for Do-It-Yourself training, small providers, or training new recruiters
  • Short videos with workbooks make it easy to fit your schedule
  • Subscription for your entire team + one free year of live help from Blitz

What can happen:

More Training Options:

For Associations & County Boards:
The Essentials

For provider organizations, county boards, and grant programs for multiple IDD providers.

Get the essentials of creating a DSP Magnet for:

  • Recruiting with anti-ghosting, retention, and culture
  • 3-month program
  • Three workshops with online “make it happen” sessions the next day
  • Access to our DSP Magnet Association live help sessions (2 per month)

90-Minute Workshops for Associations

Help your members get DSP Magnet training with these short, interactive workshops.

Workshop options are:

  • DSP Magnet Recruiting – Get Better Applicants
  • Create Your Anti-Ghosting System – Get Applicants to Show up
  • Create a DSP Experience Map – How to Have an Onboarding Process that Makes People Want to Stay

DSP Magnet® Programs focus on simple and proven systems providers can use immediately. Real work is done during the workshops and attendees come away with simple next steps to fit any time or $ budget.

Excellent content, engaging, and absolutely well worth the time…

This workshop is a must for any agency HR team struggling with recruitment. Excellent content, engaging, and absolutely well worth the time and nominal registration fee. We were so excited that we implemented one of the strategies prior to the end of the workshop!

– Cynthia Wildermuth, Chief Executive Officer, Abilities of Northwest Jersey

We almost have too many staff…

We want to thank you for the DSP Magnet training! This has allowed us to hire 7 additional staff and retain all but one due to health issues. We almost have too many staff. This will allow us to finally bring on new clients!”


– Michelle, Pathways of Wisconsin (Oct 2023)

Blitz Small Group Workshops Open to Providers

Our DSP Magnet® Academy for providers of all sizes will help you get off the DSP Hamster Wheel® and find and keep DSPs.

These are NOT webinars—they include exercises, interactions with your peers and us, and provide you with immediate help to find, get, and keep amazing Direct Support Professionals.

Our Academy programs include live help opportunities. If anyone has to miss a scheduled workshop, they will still be able to get the content and help. Workshops are recorded with the recordings and slides made available to registrants.

What others say:

This may be the most useful training I've ever EVER taken!

“I know we’re only 1/3 of the way through, but this has already been SOOOOOO HELPFUL!   OMG- we’ve gotten so many great ideas! My HR person and I feel completely energized and optimistic. This may be the most useful training I’ve ever EVER taken!”

— Rebekah Elliott, Eastside Day Academy

... turnover is down by 25% in the last quarter.

“We’re working to connect with new employees. Our focus is how can we make them successful. That’s why turnover is down by 25% in the last quarter.”

—Natasha Floyd, Independence of Portage County, Inc.

We’ve gone from 10-15 ghosts per week to only two or three.

“We’ve gone from 10-15 ghosts per week to only two or three. It was all due to how we’re following up with candidates prior to their interviews.”

Carly Vosberg, Capabilities LLC

I've been inundated by applicants on Indeed.

“The [virtual] workshop was PHENOMENAL! I’ve been doing this for 24 years, and this was the best training I’ve been to. Since changing our job posts based on the workshop, I’ve been inundated by applicants on Indeed.”

— Dawn Shannon, June 2020 RCPA workshop attendee

Great feedback for improvement. EVERY. TIME.

“Each and every time I am fortunate enough to attend a Blitz Media discussion/seminar, I walk away with great feedback for improvements. EVERY. TIME.”

Jodie WagnerJourney Health

One of the best trainings I have ever been to.

“This is one of the best trainings/webinars I have ever been to. It is eye opening to see how relatable all of this is throughout our industry.”

— Oregon Resource Association Workshop Participant

Mind blowing information!

“It was awesome awesome awesome!!! Perfect combination of individual work, group discussion, training. Very effective! Mind blowing information!.”

— Oregon Resource Association Workshop Participant 

There was so much valuable information!

“There was so much valuable information! The format was great and allowed for collaboration as well.”

— Gena DiefenderferCommunity Services Group

It offered different ways to approach our orientation training.

“Interactive, personable, nice to see and network with others. It offered different ways to approach our orientation training… focus more on the communication or delivery of the message.”

— Jennifer LawrenceRCPA Workshop Attendee

It opened my mind to new ideas.

“This was a very informative seminar that opened my mind to new ideas for culture & retention that I had not previously thought of.”

— Kayla, The Fuse Network

Simple techniques to help solve large problems.

“The workshop was full of great information and gave simple techniques to help solve large problems.”

— MadisonBelco Works

It gave me the tools for a different approach.

“It was great information and gave the tools for a different approach. The open interaction and participation were awesome.”

— RachelRHDD

A lot of helpful tips I didn't even know I needed.

“I got a ton of new great ideas to implement and learned a lot of helpful tips I didn’t even know I needed.”

— Alex, ViaQuest

They challenged our excuses in a positive way.

“Very insightful and they challenged our excuses in a positive way.”

— NicoleRHDD

Easily obtainable ideas that make a difference

“I feel that the ideas given today are easily obtainable and can make a difference in reaching the company’s goals of recruiting & retention.”

— SusanWhitehouse Behavioral Health

Culture, recruitment, and retention that is unmatched!

“I’ve been to a lot of presentations on DSP recruitment and retention. While it was good information, Scott and Craig really provide practical, manageable steps on how to improve culture, recruitment, and retention that is unmatched!”

Angie Finck
Director of Provider & Employment Supports
Licking County Board of DD

DSP Magnet educational workshops on recruiting and retention provide attendees with:

  • Simple tools to take back to their organizations to quick take action on what they’ve learned.
  • Clear next steps on how to rewrite their DSP job post so they can attract more applicants.
  • A map of the first few days on the job through the new employee’s eyes. Attendees will have clear and simple next steps to improve the experience for new employees.
  • Workshops can be done in-person or virtually including with small groups for exercises

Craig & Scott

  • Hosted more than 350 workshops that produced results and delighted attendees
  • Webinar and conference speakers for ANCOR, ACCSES, provider associations in over 20 different states, & 18 county boards of DD
  • Father & son team with a personal connection to the I/DD field
  • Authors of the new book, Heart, Hope & Honesty, How I/DD Providers Can Attract & Retain Amazing Direct Support Professionals and Thrive Despite the DSP Crisis
Craig & Scott
Heart, Hope & Honesty

Heart, Hope & Honesty

Limited First Edition

This book serves as a practical and positive guide that shows you how to get off the DSP Hamster Wheel of Recruiting, Hiring, & Turnover. “Heart, Hope & Honesty” doesn’t reference abstract studies or bore you with statistics. It features inspiring stories, highlights real results from your peers, and offers step-by-step actions you can take immediately. Pre-order now for:

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