Direct Support Professional Turnover Cost Calculator

The National Association of DSPs estimates the cost of replacing a DSP is between $2413 and $5200.

This DSP Turnover Costs Calculator calculates the financial impact to YOUR organization of losing a direct support professional. With a national turnover average of 45%, losing a DSP is both an emotional and financial drain for I/DD providers.

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Current DSP Cost
Annual Base Salary
Annual Benefits Cost1
Daily Cost (Salary + Benefits)2
Overtime Costs / loss of productivity from other employees filling in for the vacant position
Daily Cost of Covering for the Position3
# of Days Position Vacant
Total Cost to "Cover" Position
Separation Cost & Cost to Hire Replacement DSP
HR or Hiring Manager Salary
HR or Hiring Manager Hourly Rate4
Departing DSP - Exit Interview Cost5
Departing DSP - Other Separation Costs
New Hire - Resume Screening (Hours)
New Hire - Interviews (Hours)
Total Hours to Fill Position
New Hire - Advertising Costs
New Hire - Other Admin Costs
Separation Cost & Cost to Hire Replacement DSP
New DSP Training Cost
Mentor or Manager Salary
Mentor or Manager Onboarding Daily Rate6
Total Training Days Consumed
Other Training Costs
Total New DSP Training Cost
Days to Previous Productivity
Daily DSP Cost7
Days to 100% Productivity
Productivity Loss Cost8
Total Cost of Turnover
  • 1Annual Benefits Cost: Estimated at 30% of base salary
  • 2Daily Cost based on 235 working days
  • 3Daily Cost of Covering for the Position assumed, at 37% of Daily Cost for departing employee
  • 4HR Hourly Rate based on 235 working days & 7.5 hrs per day
  • 5Exit Interview or Related Costs assumed, 3 hrs of HR time
  • 6Manager Daily Rate based on 235 working days
  • 7Daily Cost of new hire at same rate as departing employee
  • 8Productivity Loss: Prior to reaching 100%, assume individual performs at 50% of replaced employee

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