without dealing with people who don’t show up, hiring anyone who passes the background check while hoping for the best, and burning out your best people.

DSP Hamster WheelSM

DSP Hamster WheelSM educational program helps end the vicious cycle of recruiting, hiring, and retaining Direct Support Professionals.

Fundamental Truths

  1. DSPs are the backbone of I/DD providers
  2. It can be a challenge to get (and keep) good DSPs
  3. As getting (and keeping) DSPs goes, so goes your organization

The DSP Magnet® Program helps you escape the DSP Hamster WheelSM of recruiting, hiring, and retaining Direct Support Professionals. It provides you with actionable steps you can take now using existing skills without raising pay or investing in software!

Sound familiar?

  • We're wasting a lot of time and money training new DSPs… Then watching them quit in 6 months or less.
  • We can't afford any more overtime—especially since it's burning out our best people.
  • We used to have 10 applicants for 2 jobs. Now we have 10 jobs and only 2 applicants.
  • Our Indeed ads cost too much and attract the wrong people.
  • Our web page, social media, and emails just aren't "connecting" with people anymore.

At Blitz, we understand the challenges faced by the Intellectual Developmental Disabilities community. Whether you need to recruit DSPs or are a county board that wants to help providers in your area, our expertise can help.

DSP Magnet Workshop Testimonial: Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities

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“We submitted our updated applicant-centered job postings to Indeed Friday afternoon in three service locations and received 173 applicants by Monday morning. Our posts garnered more views in 48 hours than we had previously experienced and we are excited to test the results of Blitz's more applicant-focused posting style!”

— Sarah Koenig, Path Forward of Kentucky