A team committed to helping I/DD providers fill open DSP positions & support more people

About Scott de Fasselle

My mother (and Craig’s wife) Sara worked for the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Hearing about her work as I grew up-and meeting some of the people she helped-had a significant impact on my childhood.

It opened my eyes to the fact that there are always people who need help, and organizations who do the great (sometimes unrecognized) work of helping them.

Blitz is my opportunity to give back, even if in only a small way, to a community that I have long felt passionately about.

  • Earned Eagle Scout at 15 years old. His project benefited a shelter for battered women and their children
  • Saved a nonprofit client over $11,000 with one 30-minute conversation
  • Speaker at DD Conferences & Workshops
Scott as Slimer during recent Anti-Ghosting workshop
Partner, Keynote Speaker, Coach, aka "Slimer" during recent Anti-Ghosting workshop

About Craig de Fasselle

My first exposure to the work that now fills my days was in college, doing student teaching and designing recreation programs for children with DD.

In 1999, I founded Blitz to help small businesses and non-profits with marketing and the web. In 2017, we were approached by a local provider wanting help. Working together with them we saw big opportunities for them to find and keep the DSPs they needed.

I love working with people passionate about their mission, and it’s rewarding to work exclusively with I/DD providers.

We’ve written a book, Heart, Hope & Honesty, to highlight the achievements of DSPs and the people they serve and provide help for providers.

  • Owned & sold two successful businesses; five patents
  • Wrote successful grants for iPads for Autism program
  • Speaker at DD Conferences & Nonprofit Workshops
Craig de Fasselle photo from recent anti-ghosting workshop
Partner, Keynote Speaker, Coach, aka "Venkman" during recent Anti-Ghosting workshop

About Brandi Body

Brandi Body is a central Ohio native who left the corporate world to follow her dream of working with kids. Brandi’s experience as a special education teacher, a social worker in a juvenile facility and at a county board of developmental disabilities recruiting and retaining DSPs, solidified her belief that all people have the ability to be successful when given support, encouragement and the tools to do so.
Brandi is a master at building connections and relationships as well as helping to remove barriers for folks to help them reach their goals.
Brandi Body of Blitz
Coach & Client Acquisition Associate

About Stacy Finnegan

Stacy Finnegan is our Client Success Manager. She graduated from Temple University and was born and raised in Delco, a suburb of Philadelphia.
Stacy always wanted to help kids feel safe and heard in a hectic world. The ways in which she wanted to achieve this have ranged from dance to psychology. She recently settled into the IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) field and the DSPs (Direct Support Professionals) that help keep it afloat.
Stacy enjoys learning how we can help members of our community achieve success and independence. She hopes to delve into disability advocacy work this year as she becomes more comfortable in her own non-visible disability identity.  
Stacy Finnegan photo
Customer Succes Manager

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