Fill Your Open DSP Positions

Proven Video Training for Your Team to Help Recruit Better Applicants & Eliminate Ghosting

So you can:

  • Escape the pressure of feeling you must “hire anyone with a pulse who can pass the background check”

  • Eliminate pitfalls in your job post and application that push candidates away

  • End ghosting from candidates and new hires

What others say:

It has changed lives on our end!

“The DSP Magnet Recruiting and Ghosting …. was truly transformative, and I was able to implement many changes to our recruiting strategy at our agency, and we are seeing larger numbers of hires, thanks to y’all! Thank you for all you do! It has changed lives on our end!”

— Erica Null Pellegrin, TARC

This training was a game-changer

“We just posted a position, and we have 49 applicants! I just had my ninth interview; we’ll have someone hired by the end of the week. After that, we don’t have any open positions. The training was a game-changer!”

—Kristin Frane, CEO, Ventured Unlimited Inc.

90% of people are coming in for their interviews.

“Before we were struggling to get people to show up for their interviews. Now I’d say 90% are coming in for their interviews.”

Brandi McGowan, Comfort and Care

You’ll Be Able To

  • Spend less money on Indeed and get the candidates you want
  • Write job posts that attract ideal staff
  • Get people to show up with our repeatable, anti-ghosting system


  • Lifetime access to the video course so new staff can be trained
  • PDF workbooks for each exercise
  • Bundled with one year of live help from Craig or Scott (two hour-long sessions per month)

Here are the Full Details:

DSP Magnet® Recruiting & Anti-Ghosting On-demand Video Course

The DIY Video Course - new reduced price!

  • Six modules with 39 short videos on our DSP Magnet® System of Recruiting & Anti-Ghosting
    • Module 1: DSP Hamster Wheel® vs. DSP Magnet®
    • Module 2: Write Your Magnetic Job Post
    • Module 3: Building Your DSP Cloning Machine
    • Module 4: Get More Out of Your DSP Applicant Factory
    • Module 5: Create Your Anti-Ghosting System
    • Module 6: Conclusion
  • Move from module to module or refer back to any video
  • PDF Workbooks you can download to do the exercises
  • Certificate of Completion to document completing the training
  • Full Team Subscription
    • Train new recruiting staff as needed
    • Get access to updated videos
    • Subscription is limited to providers by regional location; please get in touch with us for special pricing if you are a very large multi-region or multi-state provider

* Note to Ohio Providers:
 Ohio DODD has been licensed to provide the videos and workbooks FREE only to Ohio providers. A valid OH|ID is required to access Ohio DODD MyLearning.
Blitz live help is NOT AVAILABLE with the DODD MyLearning.

DSP Magnet® Association Annual Help Subscription Only

The DSP Magnet Association offers a year of free help from Blitz. There are:
  • Two or three hour-long live help sessions a month
  • You get help from Blitz and other providers enrolled in our Academy programs
  • All sessions are via Zoom (calendar invites with the date, time, and Zoom link are sent in advance)
  • Come to as many as you wish; no need to pre-register
IMPORTANT: If you are currently enrolled in one of our Academy programs, you already have access to the DSP Magnet Association. This subscription is for those who want to have access if they have completed a program or just want help. This is an annual subscription. You will be asked to renew in advance.
$1,000.00 / year

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