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Sharing our passion to help the DD community by providing action items your audience can take immediately to attract and retain more DSPs

Scott and Craig combine their communication and marketing skills with their personal connection to intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our presentations avoid jargon, charts, and statistics.

Our workshops include multiple exercises and relatable stories and enable you to take immediate action to improve recruiting, retention, and culture.

Who should attend?

Our talks share high-level strategies and ideas for Executive Directors. While HR directors, managers, and recruiters are welcome, we also share ideas on retention and culture that Executive Directors will find helpful.

Our presentations share secrets that help your audience to:

  • Dramatically improve job postings for DSPs
  • How to write text that motivates the right people to apply
  • Easy changes to website job application forms to get more applicants
  • Avoiding costly mistakes and how to track recruiting results to help save you thousands of dollars
  • Simple steps you can take now to improve retention
  • Immediate actions you can take to improve your culture

Upcoming Presentations:

Incompass Michigan Conference (virtual event)

How to Find (and Get) Amazing DSPs
May 17, 2023, 1:30 – 4:30 pm EDT
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OPRA Conference (in-person in Columbus, OH)

Breaking Free: Overcoming Helplessness and Frustration in the DSP Workforce Crisis
May 19, 2023, 9:00 am EDT

DSPN Conference (in-person in Stevens Point, WI)
Topic & Time TBD
November 1-12

DSPN Conference: Kristin Frane Testimonial

DSP Magnet® Presentation Reactions

“We submitted our updated applicant-centered job postings to Indeed Friday afternoon in three service locations and received 173 applicants by Monday morning. Our posts garnered more views in 48 hours than we had previously experienced and we are excited to test the results of Blitz’s more applicant-focused posting style!”

— Sarah Koenig,
Path Forward of Kentucky

“I implemented a lot of things that we had talked about at the training already and it seems to be helping. We just hired EIGHT new DSP staff just last week and we have 3 more getting ready to start this week.

It definitely seems to be helping a lot!”

— Courtney,
Community Assisted Living

“Craig at Blizz Media assisted us with changing our view on how we attract Direct Support Professionals in regards to our job ads. Craig spent time to get to know who we are and how to support our organization with our challenges with turnover. His suggestions helped us see what we do well and what we can improve. We truly appreciate his hard work and friendly personality. We thank you so much”

— Dottie Ewing,
Strawberry Fields, Inc. Recruiter

“Thanks again for your presentation, 1:1 session and follow-up. As someone who has worked in a few different industries, I greatly appreciate the information that you guys convey above and beyond just applying it to the Human Services Field.”

— Mark Indvik,
Development Homes in ND

Why Should You Book Blitz Media Design?

Scott and Craig provide:

  • Clear examples of how to motivate more people to apply as Direct Support Professionals (without increasing wages)
  • Steps you can take immediately to improve the retention of new hires without increasing costs
  • No sales pitch—attendees can use the content presented to help right away
  • Free downloads to reinforce the presentation and help guide attendees take immediate action

Keynotes, Workshops, Webinars & Podcasts

Are you ready to help your audience immediately find more people who will make great DSPs?

Craig & Scott

  • Hosted more than 250 workshops that produced results and delighted attendees
  • Webinar and conference speakers for ANCOR, ACCSES, provider associations in over 17 different states, & 18 county boards of DD
  • Father & son team with a personal connection to the I/DD field
  • Authors of the new book, Heart, Hope & Honesty, How I/DD Providers Can Attract & Retain Amazing Direct Support Professionals and Thrive Despite the DSP Crisis
Craig & Scott
Heart, Hope & Honesty

Heart, Hope & Honesty

Limited First Edition

This book serves as a practical and positive guide that shows you how to get off the DSP Hamster Wheel of Recruiting, Hiring, & Turnover. “Heart, Hope & Honesty” doesn’t reference abstract studies or bore you with statistics. It features inspiring stories, highlights real results from your peers, and offers step-by-step actions you can take immediately. Pre-order now for: