Sampling of Testimonials

“I love your passion and believe you are spot-on with your recruiting and retention help. I am happy that you have committed your time, energy, and remarkable talents to supporting I/DD providers.”

— Jeff Davis, Director, Ohio Dept. of Developmental Disabilities

“As a result of the last year’s work with Blitz, turnover improved from 68.5% to 28%, retention (defined as 6 months) is 83% for individuals we have recruited.

“We are also seeing a change in the caliber of the applicants.”

— Brandi Body, Licking County Board of DD

“Blitz has cracked the code on how to attract, engage and retain people who want to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities! In my 45 years in the field, I have found no others who bring the lessons they learned to life in the hands of people they work with. You will not be disappointed.”

— John Dickerson, Quillo

“I implemented a lot of things that we had talked about at the training already and it seems to be helping. We just hired EIGHT new DSP staff just last week and we have 3 more getting ready to start this week.

It definitely seems to be helping a lot!”

— Courtney, Community Assisted Living

“The workshop was PHENOMENAL! I’ve been doing this for 24 years, and this was the best training I’ve been to. Since changing our job posts based on the workshop, I’ve been inundated by applicants on Indeed”

— Dawn Shannon, RCPA workshop attendee

“It is truly amazing how much positivity and appreciation can change the cultural dynamics by vocalizing those feelings into words and actions. I’m happy, our employees are happy, and we are excited to have the foundational knowledge to move us in the right direction for 2021. Thank you again for the opportunity to work with Blitz, it was well worth the investment.”

— Justin Livingston | CEO | reflektions ltd

"This was a very informative seminar that opened my mind to new ideas for culture & retention that I had not previously thought of."

— Kayla, The Fuse Network

"The workshop was full of great information and gave simple techniques to help solve large problems."

— Madison, Belco Works

“I got a ton of new great ideas to implement and learned a lot of helpful tips I didn’t even know I needed.”

— Alex, ViaQuest

“Very insightful and they challenged our excuses in a positive way.”

— Nicole, RHDD

“I feel that the ideas given today are easily obtainable and can make a difference in reaching the company’s goals of recruiting & retention.”

— Susan, Whitehouse Behavioral Health

“Before we worked with Craig and Scott, almost no one applied on our website. Thanks to their process, we came up with an approach that produced more online applications than we could handle!”

— Peter J. Roll, Executive Director Resident Home Association

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