Security is vital—44% of small business sites have been attacked...

with the average cost to the business of $8,700 according to the National Small Business Association.

A hacked or “spamvertised” site can wreak havoc on:

  • your search rank
  • business reputation
  • cost thousands in revenue

Increase in Hacks—WordPress is a prime target for hackers

One former client's site on GoDaddy was hacked by a porn e-commerce site. GoDaddy didn't remove it for two weeks.

This cost the client tens of thousands of dollars and incredible embarrassment.

The Blitz Media Design Hosting Guarantee

We are so confident you will be happy with our web hosting services that we offer a 30 day, "no questions asked" money back guarantee, if you aren't satisfied with our service or the server setup. After that, we offer refunds upon written request on a prorated basis, based on monthly periods. (i.e. if you have an annual plan, and have been hosting with us for 7-1/2 months, you will receive a refund for the 4 unused months).

"No questions asked" is in quotes above because while we will refund your money without question, we will also try and find out the problems you experienced so that they do not happen again.

Compatibility & Add-ons

Our servers are compatible with all major web site authoring packages.

Service Description Price
Domain Registration 1 yr. - $25
2 yr. - $40
5 yr. - $75
10 yr. - $140
128 Bit Quick SSL Certificates on Our Servers $70 Annually+
$30 Setup
Extra Disk Space $5/month per 1GB
Extra Transfer $2/month per 1GB

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All hosting plans are governed by the following terms & conditions:

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