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DSP Magnet® Recruiting & Anti-Ghosting On-demand Video Course + Live Help Bundle

Get both for ½ price!

The DIY Video Course (normally $1,500 for lifetime access)

  • Six modules with 39 short videos on our DSP Magnet® System of Recruiting & Anti-Ghosting
    • Module 1: DSP Hamster Wheel® vs. DSP Magnet®
    • Module 2: Write Your Magnetic Job Post
    • Module 3: Building Your DSP Cloning Machine
    • Module 4: Get More Out of Your DSP Applicant Factory
    • Module 5: Create Your Anti-Ghosting System
    • Module 6: Conclusion
  • Move from module to module or refer back to any video
  • PDF Workbooks you can download to do the exercises
  • Certificate of Completion to document completing the training
  • Lifetime subscription
    • Train new recruiting staff as needed
    • Get access to updated videos
    • Subscription is limited to providers by regional location; please get in touch with us for special pricing if you are a very large multi-region or multi-state provider

Plus Live Help (normally $500 per year)

Have questions about something in the course? Scott or Craig will help you during our DSP Magnet Association open office sessions. These live, one-hour virtual sessions are offered twice a month.

  • The first year of live help is included for free in this offer
  • A Zoom link with times and dates of help sessions will be sent to you after subscribing.
  • Get input from us as well as other providers across the nation
  • This is an annual subscription ($500 per year); you can cancel the help access after the free year without losing access to the video course

* Note to Ohio Providers:
 Ohio DODD has been licensed to provide the videos and workbooks FREE only to Ohio providers. A valid OH|ID is required to access Ohio DODD MyLearning.
Blitz live help is NOT included with the DODD MyLearning.

$1,000.00 if before 10/20/2023