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How One Tweet Far Exceeded My Expectations

by Scott de Fasselle
Kirtland Hornets football championship graphic

A well-timed graphic with a specific audience can produce results.

On Friday, December 5th, 2014, the Kirtland Hornets were playing in their fourth consecutive state championship game. Since I went to high school there (years ago), and have a passion for sports, I knew I wanted to design something to honor the school and my old hometown.
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Mistakes I Made on My First Site

screen shot of first website
My first site in 1996

Before we start our series of common web mistakes, I should probably share the story of my first site. They say that experience helps us avoid mistakes, but mistakes are how we gain experience. So this is a tale of how I became “experienced!”

In 1996, after several years of building and running a handheld computing forum on AOL, I decided to apply my online “expertise” to my own manufacturing company. While I did avoid a number of still-common web design mistakes, I did make one—I designed for the owner rather than the audience.

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