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My first exposure to the work that now fills my days was in college, doing student teaching and designing recreation programs for children with DD. In 1999, I founded Blitz to help small businesses and non-profits with marketing and the web. Four years ago, we were approached by a local provider wanting help. Working together with them we saw big opportunities for them to find and keep the DSPs they needed. I love working with people passionate about their mission, and it’s rewarding to work exclusively with I/DD providers. We’ve written a book (publication expected early 2021) to highlight the achievements of DSPs and the people they serve and provide help for providers.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your DSP Job Posts

Measure the effectiveness of your DSP job posts

Developmental disabilities providers use a variety of media for job posts to attract caregivers (Direct Support Professionals or DSPs). These include online ads, job sites like Indeed, social media, classified ads, church bulletins, job fairs, and more. Ads often link to the application page on your website. Do you know how many people come to that page? Do you know how many apply? If they apply, do you know how they really found you?

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Beware of Companies Selling You “Impressions” to Fill Your Jobs

Developmental disabilities providers are desperate to find Direct Support Professionals to help those under their care. Sellers of radio or TV ads, billboards, and website banner ads all tout the same thing—plenty of eyeballs (or impressions).

If more people see your job posting for caregivers, the more applicants you should get, right? That may sound good, but it’s not that easy.

Let’s look at some of these “high-traffic” options.

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3 Secrets to High-Quality Leads from Thomasnet

We’ve worked with Thomas for a long time… (Photo by Dan Paluska: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sixmilliondollardan/3535595281)

Thomasnet can be a powerful lead generation tool IF used properly. In our experience, many clients fail to get their share of high-quality leads from Thomasnet. Do you find yourself asking:

  • The cost is HOW MUCH?
  • Is it paying for itself?
  • Are we closing many sales from Thomasnet leads?

Have you renewed out of fear that canceling will mean no leads at all. Here are 3 tips on how to get more qualified leads AND sales from Thomasnet.

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The Origin of Murphy’s Law

Murphy's Law origin - Edwards Air Force base rocket sled from Library of Congress

I’ve seen numerous stories of the origin of Murphy’s Law, but believe the following to be the most accurate, My source was an old magazine article where the author interviewed Edward A. Murphy. It includes photos of Murphy during the interview, lending to its credibility. Of course, if there are errors in how others or I have recounted this event, they reaffirm Murphy’s Law!

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You Do Not Need a Website


What?! We know, you’re reading the headline again and wondering, “Did they make a typo? Did someone hack the blog?” Surely, we don’t mean that your business does not need a website—because we are in the web marketing business, after all.

But we’re serious. You do not need a website.

(Take a deep breath.)

What you do need is an effective online business. Believe us, there’s a difference. Continue reading You Do Not Need a Website