10 Proven Secrets to Attract More Website Sales

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10 Proven Secrets to Attract More Website Sales photo

It doesn’t matter how much traffic comes to your website if it doesn’t translate into more sales. Here are 10 proven secrets to attracting more sales.

1: Powerful headlines are vital

You only have a few seconds to grab the visitor’s interest. If you were looking for high-speed widgets, which headline would grab your attention?

  1. “Welcome to the online home of Acme, a leading solution provider to industry.”
  2. “Acme high-speed widgets cut production costs 50%.”

Brainstorm 10 or more potential headlines for each major section of your site, and pick the best. As a general rule, headlines of 6-10 words are best.

2: Talk about them, NOT you

Approach your copy as if it’s a first date. If you only talk about how great you are, there won’t be a second date. Saying your product or service has the highest quality doesn’t cut it. Do your competitor’s say “we’re almost as good as the other guy”? Explain how your product is high quality.

It’s easy to research multiple suppliers online. To stand out from your competitors, it’s vital that your website copy:

  • Relates to the customer’s problems
  • Explains how you will help them—this is more effective than a simple list of features
  • Answers their questions
  • Educate them (that helps establish your expertise)
  • Offers a clear value proposition (what’s special about your product/service; how is it specifically better than others)

3: Use testimonials

If you’re shopping for something on Amazon, do you look at customers’ reviews? Even a one-line testimonial on your home page can help people relate to your product or service.

4: Use high-quality images or short videos

Photos taken from your phone may send the wrong message about your brand. It’s worth the cost of hiring a photographer to provide professional-quality images.

Before you buy stock photos, check to make sure your competitors aren’t using the same photos.

Simple videos can also be very effective in engaging visitors. In general, try to keep them short and specific.

5: Keep it simple by not offering too many options

Do NOT try to feature every product or service on your home page.

Too many choices lead to inaction and missed opportunities. Focus on your best product or service. If your menus and links are clear, they will lead people elsewhere if necessary.

6: Keep your content fresh

Ever visit a website that features “Latest News” from several years ago? That isn’t going to convince visitors that your company is the right choice.

7: Make Calls to Actions (CTAs) stand out

Don’t settle for a default “Submit” button or “Contact Us” link.

Use bright buttons that stand out from other colors on your page. This makes the desired next step obvious to visitors.

8: Don’t make visitors jump through hoops

Keep contact forms as brief as possible. Studies have shown that the more you ask, the lower the inquiries. Keep your contact forms brief, and avoid unnecessary questions like “how did you find us” or “when do you plan to buy.” If you can get their name, phone and email, you can ask additional questions during a follow-up or sales call.

Do NOT force people to complete a registration form before they buy. If you have an e-commerce site, free shipping has become the expected. Switching from paid shipping to free can greatly increase sales.

9: Offer options to enhance trust

Where applicable, use offers such as free consultations, guarantees, or warranties. While these may not work for every business or website, anything you can do to ease a visitor’s concerns should be considered.

10: Mobile-friendly sites are vital

If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re losing at least half of your sales opportunities. According to Google:

  • Over 50% of searches are from mobile devices (and mobile-friendly sites get higher rank)
  • Speed matters (most users won’t wait more than 2 or 3 seconds)
  • Regardless of screen size, your website needs to load fast, look great, and convey your most important info

The tips above will go a long way toward increasing your website’s sales. It’s also vital to measure the results of changes and be ready to adapt. What’s best for one website or market may not be as effective for another.

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April 17th, 2017 at 7:00 am

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