Proven Ways to Attract Amazing Employees

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Example Facebook ad for manufacturing employees

“We can’t find the employees we need.”

We hear this message over and over from manufacturers and industrial firms. I handled the same challenge before selling my manufacturing company in 2002. What’s the answer… marketing!

Most of us think of marketing in terms of attracting new customers, but you can and should attract skilled manufacturing employees with marketing.

The Standard Approach

Companies typically post ads in the classifieds, the job websites, and on their own website.

The majority of these job postings follow the basic formula of:

  • Job Title
  • Summary
  • Duties
  • Qualifications
  • Location
  • Educational Requirement
  • Experience
  • Apply Here

This approach means your job opportunity will blend in with the hundreds of other manufacturers seeking employees. There’s nothing to make your opening stand out or attract the people you need. That’s not to say you should abandon the classifieds or job sites completely, but there are better options.

Where are Your Candidates?

True, someone seeking a job is checking out the “traditional” outlets and trying to scan through dozens or more of “the same” ad. It’s probably a mind—numbing experience.

But where are those same people almost every day—social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others give you opportunities to stand out from the crowd, target a specific personality, and use some creative flair to make candidates WANT to apply for a position.

Shift Your Mindset

Forget the forms from the job sites… social media advertising allows you to stand out from the pack and grab attention. You can use graphics or even videos to create an effective ad that will drive candidates to your door.

Here’s how I’d appeal to applicants if I were still running my manufacturing business today. I’d post the ad at the start of this post to Facebook, apply their demographic filters for likely candidates, and link to a custom landing page.

What Happens After They Click the Ad?

Don’t send them to an application form or simply have them call. Create a well—crafted landing page on your website that offers details about the job, your company, and any specific requirements. That way, you can (if needed) do some preliminary screening. For example, my details would have been:

Amazing career opportunities in manufacturing

Machinist wanted — get job security, competitive compensation, benefits

We’re a small manufacturer of flow instrumentation in need of a machinist looking for job security. While experience is a plus, we will train the right applicant.

What We Offer You

Job security: most of our employees have been here for 10+ years (and we look forward to having them here the next 10+)

Competitive pay: with opportunities for overtime

Competitive benefits: including medical, vacation time (that increases with seniority) and personal days

Your Duties

The duties include plenty of variety—you won’t be stuck in front of a machine running the same parts weeks at a time. Tasks include:

  • Machining
  • Soldering and circuit board testing
  • Product calibration and assembly


While experience is helpful, we are willing to train motivated candidates. If you have your own tools, great, but we’ll provide what you need.

The landing page should also provide times to apply in person—the best way is to provide an online calendar where they can book an appointment.

Want more ideas on how to attract the qualified applicants your manufacturing business needs? Contact Blitz Media Design today for a free consultation!

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October 7th, 2016 at 3:53 pm

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