You Do Not Need a Website

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What?! We know, you’re reading the headline again and wondering, “Did they make a typo? Did someone hack the blog?” Surely, we don’t mean that your business does not need a website—because we are in the web marketing business, after all.

But we’re serious. You do not need a website.

(Take a deep breath.)

What you do need is an effective online business. Believe us, there’s a difference.

A website should be driven by an evolving marketing strategy and be more than a pretty face online. It should support your business plan. Think about it: All of your marketing efforts guide prospects to your website. (We’re talking about emails, newsletters, social media, product listings, etc.) Potential customers should “land” in a place that is more than a collection of designed pages. That’s why our focus at Blitz Media Design is to design for results. That’s our tagline—our promise to clients.

The problem is, we are all inundated with websites that might look attractive but do not serve our businesses interests. We’re talking about sites that look like art projects but lack the tools to attract and convert visitors into sales. We’re talking about sites that have bells and whistles, but don’t actually “work” for the business.

Most businesses that want to re-launch their websites have spent time perusing others’ websites. They bookmark their favorites. Everyone wants to look like Apple. (We get that.) But remember, what you need is an effective online business. Let us explain…

I Want To Look Like…

You’re about to embark on a website overhaul. You bring in a web marketing professional like Blitz. You spend time scouring competitors’ sites and flagging the ones you like best. You think about your favorite sites—ones that probably have nothing to do with your business (like Apple).

You love this look! You want that huge image on the landing page. You need to have a slideshow front and center. And that video you made—it’s a must. You want your website to look clean, animated, modern, fresh, sophisticated.

We hear you. But the question is, are those websites you’re referencing effective online business tools? We find that many sites have a pretty cover, but are empty inside. They do not connect with the marketing strategy. They even alienate their audiences by neglecting to give them the information they’re looking for. This leads us to our next point.

Your Website Is Not About You

It’s about your customers and prospects—the people you serve. What do they need to find on your website? What information do they seek? What questions do they have about your product or service? What answers can you give them that will drive them to the next level of the buying journey?

For a website to be an effective online business, it must be designed to function for the people who keep your doors open: your customers. So take a step back from what you want on your site. Think about them. Show them that you understand their pain—you know what they’re going through. Show them you are qualified as a business professional to solve their problems. This is a sophisticated approach to website design. With your customers in mind, your site will be appealing to them.

You’re Too Close

We know you want to feature an extra-large photograph of your product on the home page. You’re proud of it. After spending 30 years in engineering / manufacturing, we understand what it’s like to create a product that you want to share with the world. It’s exciting! And, surely, everyone who visits your site will want to see that big [insert innovation here].

Well, are you really sure about that? What is more important to customers: looking at an industrial photograph, or reading about how it functions to make their lives easier? We’re telling you, it’s the latter. We promise you that.

When you’re working in the business, a lot of times you’re too close to your product to step back and think like the customer. You are too steeped in everyday operations. It’s like the old adage about seeing the forest through the trees. Your website should wrap around an evolving marketing strategy and business plan. It’s not just a website. It’s an online version of your business and there’s more to it than appearance. (We know you’re deeper than just looks.)

So, Do You Give Legal Advice to Your Attorney?

Do you tell your accountant he’s got the latest tax code all wrong? We didn’t think so. When you hire a web marketing professional to design, build and implement a new website for your company, there is a bit of “let it go” that’s required to get the job done effectively. We respect that our clients are the experts in their fields. And we appreciate when they respect us for our experience and knowledge in the design, media and marketing environment. The relationship works best when it’s a trusted partnership.

We are proud to be part of a marketing team that took a company from $80 million to a half-billion in revenues. This happened because of an effective online marketing strategy and infrastructure (the website) to facilitate the business goals. We have a track record for creating websites that “work.” We agree, they should also look appealing and include important features that are relevant to the business. (We spend a great deal of time vetting what works and what doesn’t.) We also believe that clients get the best results from their websites when they trust us to implement an effective online business.

Do You Still Want a Website?

Let’s talk about how your current site performs. If your goal is to improve its appearance without giving it a tune-up under the hood, there are plenty of web firms that can give you a glossy cover. But we’re afraid you’ll be disappointed. Your business deserves to be represented as a leader among its competitors. The way you perform online matters. Your website has the potential to be a revenue-generating engine. (Why would you expect less?)

Start Getting Results

Find how our proprietary Discovery process can change the way you approach your website project. We’d love to direct you toward some examples of high-performing websites as you flag your “favorites.” And we are always here to answer your questions. Educating businesses about the importance of an effective online presence is one of the aspects of our business that we love the best. We enjoy watching the light bulb flicker on when clients see the potential in their websites. Contact us any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Written by Craig de Fasselle

March 30th, 2016 at 9:40 am

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