Web Content: It’s All About THEM (Not You)

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What’s everyone’s favorite topic?

I don’t mean that in an egotistical or narcissistic way, but it’s the truth and here’s why…

When you’re searching for something—whether Googling for a product or service or scavenging at a retailer—what is your ultimate request? What do you request, or ask? It’s probably something along the lines of: “I want/need (blank),” or, “Will (blank) do what I want?”

If you don’t find what you need quickly, you simply return to Google or post your question on Facebook. You’re not going to dig around on some company’s website in hopes of finding what you’re looking for. If the information you need is buried, and you don’t find it immediately, you’ll try your search again. After all, why would you waste your time clicking through a site that doesn’t appear to have what you need? At the end of the day, you don’t care about what a company can do—their “features and benefits” don’t matter if they can’t give you what you want. You care about what a company can do for YOU.

So why do so many websites ignore this concept? Why are so many sites written like an online brochure or a Yellow Pages listing? (Who looks through a phone book these days?) Why do so many sites ignore…YOU?

Let’s rewind to 1994. Back then, in order to get online you had to listen to your modem make love to AOL. It sounded something like this: <beep-boop-bop-bip-eeee-squeeee-brrrr-grrrrrrrrrr…You’ve Got Mail!>. Now, consider your website content. Is it 1994? Does your site have headlines like, “Welcome to the Acme Company web site,,” or messages like, “We deliver top-notch customer service”? If you can answer yes, then it’s time to focus on what people really want to read about: How your products and services will work for THEM.

Think about your own Google searches. How many sites do you land on that make claims like this: “Acme Company is your single source provider for complex web and technology solutions.”? Do you bother to spend time on the website, or do you move on to the next search option?

These examples ignore what YOU want or need. Happy talk (“Welcome to…”) and corporate speak (“single source, solutions, blah blah blah”) are worthless because they don’t tell your visitors what’s important to them.

Compelling, original content that truly speaks to your audience will prevent them from moving on. And that’s the goal of your site: To attract people and keep them there so they will convert into buyers.

So, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you didn’t know anything about your company, and you were looking for the product or service your company offers, what would you want to know?

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Written by Scott de Fasselle

September 16th, 2014 at 11:21 am

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