Keep the Social in Social Media

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Keeping the SOCIAL in social media (icons)

It’s become a marketing mantra–you MUST have your business on Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn, or…

With hundreds of millions of daily visitors, it makes perfect sense to have a presence for this growing social media audience. But it’s not like the movie Field of Dreams where you build it and they will come. Successful social media requires a major time commitment, creativity, and focusing on your audience.

After all, it’s SOCIAL media, not ads media. Social media has exploded because it’s, well, social! It’s a place to find friends and family, share interests, and networking. No one will follow your social media site if it’s content is nothing but shameless ads for your products or services.

Before you start a social media campaign, carefully consider the following:

* Have you established clear goals for social media? Are you simply trying to build traffic to your web site, get leads, or use it to answer questions?

* Do you or your personnel have the time updating and monitoring your social media pages. A successful campaign requires prompt responses. Someone needs to check your social pages regularly, and an active presence can require several hours a day.

* Can you produce quality content? For many companies, this is the biggest challenge. You need to be creative, and be able to generate interesting content on a sustained basis.

* Learn about and engage your audience on a social level. The goal is to build a sense of community by sharing fun stories, tips, music, videos, or anything else your audience enjoys. These do not necessarily have to relate to your business—no one wants to follow endless promos.

* When you do post a promo, reward your audience with some special offer (free shipping, free consultation, a discount, whatever). This offer should be exclusive to your social media fans, as you want to give them continuing incentives to follow you.

* Engage your audience and build on personal relationships. If someone posts a compliment, thank him or her. If they post a criticism, don’t simply remove it–respond ASAP and try to resolve the problem publicly, or at least demonstrate you do care and want to correct the situation.

Blitz Media Design can help set up your social media pages, and provide specific tips on creating and managing your social media program.

Written by Craig de Fasselle

April 23rd, 2011 at 10:57 am

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