Avoiding SEO Hucksters, Scammers and Spammers

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Odds are you’ve received more than one offer from some SEO company that noticed you’re not No. 1 on search engines, and they can help you. If you’re tempted to respond to their offer, think again. Here are three things to consider if you don’t immediately delete their email.

1. Take a look at whom these offers come from. Do they provide a real email address (meaning one with their name and company url), or are they using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or some other free email service? If they don’t provide a real email, URL, and company information with a phone number and mail address, they are hucksters. Even if they provide real information, view their offer with skepticism, because…

2. Did they tell you they checked out your site and noticed you aren’t doing as well as you could in major search engines? IF they checked out your site, it was only long enough to get an email address or to use your contact form. They probably didn’t pay any attention to your site’s content or ranking. Researching a site’s rank and the search terms you’re using (or should be using) takes time and effort. No one is investing that time and effort to determine whether or not they can help you unless they are being paid to do so. Anyone with an email address and website is going to the same, phony solicitation. And here’s why…

3. Their offers are designed ONLY to make them money–their job is probably done as soon as you’ve paid them. IF they do anything, it will be minimal and of little or no value. For example…

Many of these hucksters promise to submit your site to the major search engines every month. They tell you this is vital to obtaining a high rank. It’s neither vital nor necessary.

If Blitz Media Design hosts your site, check out your web stats for the Robots/Spiders visitors. Unless your site is brand new and not yet listed in searches, you’ll probably see that Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing and others have visited your site within the last 15 days. If your site is brand new, it’s only a matter of time before they start visiting you regularly, too.

The hucksters know this already, so the only thing they are likely to do is take your money and let the searches do the work. If they do anything, it will be minimal, and do you no good.

What should you do if you get these offers–that’s easy. Delete them!

Written by Craig de Fasselle

August 17th, 2010 at 4:10 pm

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  1. To further reinforce point #2, we frequently get these emails offering us a top rank on Google. Clearly the person emailing us hasn’t taken the time to look over our site since we offer search engine optimization.

    Also many of these spammers list their phone number as 000-000-0000 and their company name as “SEO Company.” If you see that in an email, delete it.

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