Measure the effectiveness of your DSP job posts

Developmental disabilities providers use a variety of media for job posts to attract caregivers (Direct Support Professionals or DSPs). These include online ads, job sites like Indeed, social media, classified ads, church bulletins, job fairs, and more. Ads often link to the application page on your website. Do you know how many people come to that page? Do you know how many apply? If they apply, do you know how they really found you?

You can and should have online tracking set up for all your recruitment pieces. Online tracking works with flyers, print ads, and job fairs. How do you set-up online tracking?

What Does Online Tracking Look Like?

You use a different web address for every job posting and category. If we use Indeed’s job site as an example, your website link would use the following address:

That doesn’t mean you need a special “Indeed” webpage on your site. Instead, that address will take people to:

If you advertise on Facebook, the unique address might be and it would still take people to your careers page.

Every ad and piece of printed material should have it’s own web address! Why?

It allows you to track which job postings are generating the most applications!

How Do I Do Set-Up Online Tracking (no tech jargon)?

It’s simple.

  1. Ask your web person if Google Analytics is installed on your website.
  2. Ask if that person can help you set-up unique web links for each source.
  3. Ask if the person can set-up Google Analytics to group by source? This means you will be able to see how many visits came from social media, job sites, print ads, or even job fairs!

Why Track This?

DSP recruitment is expensive. Tracking all ads for each different source allows you to:

  1. Make well-educated decisions.
  2. Make decisions faster.
  3. Stop paying for a source that is not producing enough applicants.
  4. Invest the money saved from #3 somewhere else without raising the budget.


We know you’re desperate to hire more caregivers. But marketing tools that promise ease of use or high ad visibility are not the answer. DSP recruitment is expensive and challenging.

Regardless of the media, you need to:

  • Pick the best job opening options
  • Use an appealing message that resonates with those who will make great DSPs
  • Track all recruitment sources to identify those that work best for you and focus on those

Blitz Media Design helps DD nonprofits save money and get their time back by attracting and retaining more DSPs with simple web tools and process consulting.