woman talking with man with Down Syndrome

And The Simple Four-Step Formula to Guide You

In our last post, How to Improve your DSP Ohio Job Posting, we talked about the mindset and approach to make your job postings more attractive to potential applicants.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s cover how to motivate more people to apply for Direct Support Professional jobs.

To do that we’re going to use the “AIDA” copywriting formula. So what does AIDA stand for?

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Before we dive-in, please keep one critical thing in your mind—who you are writing for. Think about the person who is considering applying to be a Direct Support Professional.

  • Have they been a DSP before?
  • Do they even know what a DSP is and does?
  • What is motivating them to help people with developmental disabilities?

By answering those questions, you’ll have a clearer idea of who you’re writing for. (Tip: when you write, imagine you’re having a cup of coffee with the person. Then write how you’d chat with them.)


First section of the DSP Ohio job posting

Simply stated, if you don’t grab someone’s attention quickly, they won’t keep reading.

What do you have to offer that applicants really want?

That might be:

  • bonus
  • vacation time/pay
  • medical benefits


Being vague, for example, “We offer great benefits!” People want specifics.

Now that you’ve caught their attention, let’s create…


“Our Opportunities” section

People want to immediately know:

  • What will I be doing?
  • When and where will I be working?
  • Do I need training or previous experience?

So list specifics about:

  • available positions
  • shifts
  • locations
  • and required training/experience

Listing these is a good starting point, but don’t stop here. Go into more detail to increase interest.

Walk them through what they’ll do on a daily and weekly basis. Help them imagine doing the job.


Don’t assume because you have an open position and someone is looking for a job that they want your job.

If someone has read this far and is interested in your job, it’s time to build…


“Why Work for Us?” section

Have one of your current DSPs tell you a story about the impact they’ve had on someone’s life. Better yet, show them. Record a one-minute video of the DSP sharing their story.

You’ll build desire by helping the applicant envision that in their future.

Once the applicant wants the job, it’s time to give them a clear next step.


“Find us Online” section

Take them directly to your online application. Make it as easy and fast as possible for people to apply.

Plus, tell them what to expect next. How soon will you review their initial application and get back to them?


Directing them to your homepage. This is a trap because the applicant now has to search around your site for where to apply. There’s no guarantee they’ll have the patience to do that.


“Contact Us” section

By the phone number, add the name of the person they should ask for when calling.


Applicants have many opportunities available on DSP Ohio. Since your goal is to get more applicants, it’s critical to capture people’s attention.

Then you need to cover what interests them and tell them a story that will make the right applicant want the job.

Finally, make it easy for them to start the application process.

If you do that, you’ll likely motivate more people to apply.

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