Together is Better book by Simon Sinek
If you need inspiration and have twenty minutes to read, this is well worth it.

Don’t let the fact that this book is simple deceive you.

As you read, you’ll think, “yep, I’ve heard that lots of times.” While you could read this book quickly, it’s well worth taking your time and thinking.

In it, Simon Sinek writes about leadership, fulfillment, and finding a vision. There’s nothing easy about those. But he writes about them in a simple, clear and compelling way.

Favorite Quotes:

“When we say out loud what we don’t know, it increases the likelihood that someone who does know will offer help.” – page 37

“Failure we can do alone. Success always takes help.” – pages 96 & 97

If words aren’t enough, there are illustrations to look at too!

Favorite Illustration:

illustration by Ethan M. Aldridge
Why? Earlier in the book this cute little dog was a giant and scary wolf. Sometimes after we conquer challenges, when we look back on the journey those things aren’t so bad.

Final Thoughts

I’ll be reading it again.